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The Beginning August 13, 2009

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So….where do we begin?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and that is the forefront of life at the moment. It’s been a very rough one too. It’s our first baby, so I have no pregnancy to compare it to, but it ain’t been fun. I threw up through the 1st trimester, almost every night, and I had migraines almost everyday as well. I started showing at about 10 weeks, andhad to immediately figure out how to dress without spending too much money, because it was still cold then. I was already 6 weeks pregnant when we found out that I’m pregnant. So it felt like “hello world, i’m pregnant…can’t you tell” These things didn’t bother me too bad, because I was having a baby in the end.

Then the 2nd trimester came around, and I genuinely enjoyed it for about half of that 3 months. It may have been a whole 2 months that I have liked being pregnant. That’s when the pain started. I’ll be the first to admit that my pain tolerance is negligible, but nonetheless, I was in pain. I dealt with it for about 3 weeks before I called the doc to see if it was normal. Turns out…..not normal at all, in fact, very rare. I have what they call “Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.” The way I understand it is that my hormones are working overtime and spreading my pelvis too much. Joints that shouldn’t really move, move. So when I move, those joints move, and I make this certain face (you should see it). If I’m fairly immobile, I don’t  hurt too much. Prognosis on the situation? “It’ll only get worse, so take it easy,” says Dr. Wilson.

Next we come to the 3rd trimester. Yay!!!! Only 3 months to go. ugh, 3 months to go. You mean to tell me that I still have 3 months to grow (did I mention I’ve been showing since 10 weeks?), and 3 months for the pain to worsen? Wow, I’m ready to not be pregnant. But we pray every day that Laila will be nourished with everything she needs before she enters our big, mean world. So I’m still pregnant, and now the prayers have changed a tiny bit. We ask that she comes as soon as possible.

Some things to not complain about?

  • I have managed to stay small, with a watermelon sticking  waaaaay out in front. I’ve been told that I don’t really look that pregnant from behind. That was the compliment of all compliments!
  • I have a husband that picks up the slack, and does so with a smile on his face. He truly loves me and will do anything so that Laila is taken care of.
  • I don’t have a job to add stress to the life of this miserable, pregnant lady.

I am blessed to the max, and that is why life has just started!

Peace, Em


3 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Dominique Says:

    Love it, Em! Excellent job! And excellent baby-hauling. She’ll be here in no time and you will barely remember any of the bad stuff (or so I’m told)!

    Gonna link your blog to mine! Keep it up! – Dominique

  2. Holli Says:

    Emily – You DEFINITELY will not remember any of the bad stuff 🙂 I was on bed rest for a few weeks with Olivia – Low Placenta. Fun fun… But I guarantee, when she gets here all of that pain goes away. And then… well then – YOU HAVE A BABY!!

    Can’t wait to see pics. I’m sure she will be beautiful. I am glad to hear you are so happy. Don’t worry, not too much longer.

    P.S. My vote for the birth, btw, is Sept 4th 🙂

  3. Jen Says:

    Great first entry 🙂 Isn’t this fun!? I had no idea about your pain condition. How awful. Boy, I bet you are SO ready to have this little gal. You guys are going to be great parents. Can’t wait to meet her!

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