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Baby Update August 17, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — fromdeemsideout @ 1:31 pm

We had an appointment this morning and nothing is happening. I’m not dilated at all. Nothing, zilch, nada…..I really don’t want her to wait until September 18th to come, so my feelings needed him to say that something is going on.

I thought I was having labor pains last night….Contractions hurt so bad that I was crying. Guess what!? It was gas….but I’m smart enough to know that it could have been gas, and I took gas-x to see if the contractions still hurt. About 15 minutes after taking the magic pill, the pain went away. Ya see, I have braxton hicks contractions all day every day….seriously, less than 10 minutes apart all day everyday. So it was difficult to decipher painful contractions and gas causing my regular, painless yet annoying, contractions to hurt.

Our prayer remains that my water will break and Laila will come much sooner than Sept. 18….but always end that prayer with “as long as she’s safe to come”


love to ya…em


One Response to “Baby Update”

  1. Angie Says:

    Ah, the gas is something I will never forget! BUt I would go through it all over again for Katie and Jack!

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