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Big Weekend August 20, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — fromdeemsideout @ 8:41 pm

We have a big weekend coming up! Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and (if my husband is feeling up to it) all we are going to do is have a date night. We never get date nights anymore, so I”m very excited. I can’t decide where’d I’d like to go eat….Mexican hurts, Italian hurts, Japanese is the plan for later….I just don’t know. Suggestions would be great!

And then…..Saturday, several of my friends are coming to town and we, plus some friends in town, are going to eat at Fuji for my birthday. Fuji is the BEST Japanese restaurant in the world, at least in Texarkana.

Finally, on Sunday, my friends are giving me a baby shower.

See…I told ya it was a big weekend. Now I must get back to cleaning my house so that my friends don’t see how dirty it can get!


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