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Baby Update 8-24-09 August 24, 2009

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Still not dilated any, so we wait. Apparently, I misunderstood a previous convo with the doc. He has not been planning a c-section for me, as I thought. There is still a large possibility that will happen, but it won’t be planned. Therefore, no date set for when my angel girl will arrive. I took this as bad news…..

However, the good news is that he will induce if I don’t start labor on my own. And if family history has anything to do with it, I probably will not labor myself.

More good news, he doesn’t think that my condition is bad enough to worry about a vag. delivery.

Pray for me tho, because this brings anxiety that I have not had to deal with before this visit.


2 Responses to “Baby Update 8-24-09”

  1. mindy huff Says:

    My youngest was a “huge” suprise! My first 3 were 7 1/2 pound range and then came out a 9.9 pounder! Yes vaginally and without an epesiotomy. I have to praise my great doc that got me through that. All he said when we weighed Lukas was,”I didn’t expect that!” Keep faith and remember that you will forget all that you went through to get her here after you look into her tiny face and hold her for the first time!!!! Good luck!

  2. j Says:

    you will do great! and the second you hold her the few hours of pain will be nothing!

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