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Baby Update 9-8-09 September 8, 2009

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I’m not dilated at all. His words were “hard and closed.” I knew better than to expect something, but I really had gotten my hopes up that I could have a baby this Thursday. Dr. Wilson just said, “Maybe you are wanting the wrong Thursday.”

I’m planning on next Thursday, but Dr. wilson has no plans yet. He said “we’ll have to see what it looks like next week.”

I think it’s needless to say, but I’m depressed about it. I came home and slept, then went to lunch, and called around about a pediatrician. Now I’m going back to bed, because I don’t feel like being around people today. I haven’t cried today,  so I don’t know what that means…because I have been crying when folks say no to me in this pregnancy.  I got the biggest NO so far today, and I’ve maintained composure.

But I’m still MAD!


One Response to “Baby Update 9-8-09”

  1. Dani Says:

    The Lord’s timing is perfect! Hang in there. Love ya!!

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