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Baby Update 9-14-00 September 14, 2009

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So….we got some bad news and some good news.

Bad news = still nothing….hard and closed

Good news = we convinced him to try to induce on Thursday (that’s the 17th). I say try because he says my cervix is still “unfavorable,” meaning that we have a 25% success rate. So what will happen…..We go to the hospital at 10pm on Wednesday (2 days), and he’ll give me an oral pill to (hopefully) help to ripen my cervix. I’ll just go to sleep in the hospital. Then he’ll come in Thursday morning about 730am, and give me a vaginal pill to (hopefully) start labor!

I’m not letting that get me down, though. My mother was induced with all 3 of her children and all inductions were successful, so I’m going with family history will prove him wrong. I have no idea if family history has anything in the world to do with induction success or not.

But what I do know is that God can move mountains, so I also know that God can make this a successful hospital stay!

I’m excited beyond words, but again…I did not sleep last night (well, for about 3.5 hours), so I think i’m going to lie down and see if I can get a few more hours of sleep.

Pray for us through this!


One Response to “Baby Update 9-14-00”

  1. Amanda Brayboy Says:

    Hey girl!! Do not get to down please the end result is worth the wait. I think it is the 1st babies that do this to everyone. I was 3 and half weeks having Jade would not dialate or enface but they had to go ahead and try to induce me because I was so over my due date. They started the drip and NOTHING so just as you are having done they took a pill and placed inside of me and I now call it the mircle pill because within an hour of having that done I was in true labor so it will happen do not give up. Love you and take care and we cant wait to see pictures of the baby!!! (just wish we were closer)

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