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Laila is 2 months old already….whew! November 18, 2009

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So….being a mom leaves little time for anything else. These past 2 months have been a whirlwind. First there was the post partum depression….I guess what I experienced would only be the “baby blues,” but for those weeks while it was happening to me, it was awful. I never felt negative toward Laila, which I’m thankful for…but every little tiny thing made me cry. And I don’t mean just cry, but sob and wail. Sometimes I couldn’t even catch my breath. Everything gave me anxiety. My husband prayed constantly for me and with me, and I’m all back to normal now!!!!

Greg took some photos of us all this past Sunday afternoon, and they turned out wonderfully. I”ll post a few to share.

I’m still fat, so disregard that! I am seriously confused why I am still fat. I still look very pregnant. The other day at wal-mart (I left Laila with Greg), a sales clerk asked me when I was due. Shamelessly, I smiled and said “I just had her”……AND THEN, the dude next to her said “oh, how great, how old is she?” ShameFULLY, I answered, under my breath, “8 weeks.” It was horrifying! Yes, you’ve got it….I’m vain. I want my body back! And the stretchmarks….oh my! I’ll never be able to wear even a knee length skirt again. I had so much fluid in my legs (I lost 20 pounds in the hospital), that my thighs are disgusting with stretchmarks….dark red and purple stretchmarks. It’s awful. So yes, it’s important to me that I get my body back….the one from my wedding.

So it’s bedtime, and I need to feed Laila. I’ll try to keep more up to date with the blog. I’m sorry for the delay, but life is finally getting back to normal. I even plan to try to sew tomorrow!!!

See you later!


7 Responses to “Laila is 2 months old already….whew!”

  1. Laura Quaid Says:

    Awe! She is getting big too fast!!!! I love her so much!

  2. Melissa Bogues Harris Says:

    Hey Honey! Yes, motherhood and pregnancy is not what you think it will be! I never heard any bad side of pregnancy, until I experienced it myself. Yes, its great but its also depressing seeing your little body turn so big! And the stretchmarks just STINK! What we mothers go through!!! And here I am now, doing it again…for the 3rd time! I am really trying not to gain the 45 lbs that I did with both boys! The weight does come off, but you do have to be patient. I breastfed both of my boys, so it was off in a few months. The last 10 lbs was harder though…that’s where low carb Slimfast came in! Believe me after having kids, none of my body is the same…some good, others not so good! I told my husband that I want some plastic surgery work done after this one! LOL! But, in the end it is so worth it…I sound like my mom! I wouldn’t know what to do without my boys! Stick in there honey…next May you might have to give me this same pep talk!!! Miss you!

    • fromdeemsideout Says:


      Thanks for the encouragement…after losing the 22 in the hospital, all that’s left is 14….and it’s not budging (and i’m breastfeeding only).

      I just wish it were faster, that’s all!


  3. whitney Says:

    OMG she is getting sooo big and I haven’t even seen her yet. I am a terrible friend. I so need to get up there and see her.
    Love y’all


  4. Susan Says:

    These fall pics are PRECIOUS!
    And she is adorable. I’m so glad I got to meet her finally last week.

  5. Melissa Bogues Harris Says:

    Hey Girlie!
    I got busy talking about pregnancy stuff last time, I forgot to mention something to you…I thought you looked SO beautiful pregnant! SERIOUSLY!

  6. Melissa Bogues Harris Says:

    Somehow I didn’t get finished before I hit the wrong button…anyways, you pulled off the pregnancy thing very well! And I thought you looked beautiful afterwards too! I just looked fat and swollen towards the end of both pregnancies with the boys. But, I know that we judge ourselves more harsh than what others see us. Just hang in there! I had a melt down yesterday…I was trying to get ready for my husband & I to go on a date and couldn’t find anything. (felt fat & yuck!) I am 4 months now, so my old clothes are definitely way too little and my maternity clothes are huge! Take care dear! I would love to see yall if you come in anytime soon!

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