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Tutorial Request November 22, 2009

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So….My friend, Gay, has asked me to write a guest tutorial for her blog. I’ve been thinking and wondering what in the world could I tutor someone on. This is a great idea that she’s had to attract more traffic to both our blogs and our etsy shops. I have added Gay’s blog site and her etsy to my list of links. Be sure to check them out. She’ll impress you with her craftiness! I sure hope it works. I have not added anything new to Etsy lately as nothing has sold. I think our items are really pretty and I love the art that I do, so I cannot imagine why no one is buying. Also, the prices are phenomenal. When I get the tutorial written, I will also post it here on my blog. And this has inspired me to possibly photo journal all my endeavors, in case I need to write a tutorial on it!

I think I”ve decided what to tutor you on……drumroll, please.

I will do a simple shape painting. The finished product will be a nutcracker. I wanted to do this painting last christmas but I got too busy, so I’ve saved it for this year! Great timing, right?

I’ve also started sewing finally! I made some simple pants for Laila, and embellished a tee to match. I also have embellished another tee for her to wear while watching cornhusker football with her daddy. And I’ve made a hooter hider and a burp rag. YES…..I LOVE MY NEW MACHINE!!!! and i can’t wait to use it again. I have plans to make a plain, white dress so that my bestie can embroider something Christmasy on the front! I’ll share those photos as that is completed.

Motherhood is amazing….I totally recommend it!


One Response to “Tutorial Request”

  1. Gay Vaughan Says:

    SUPER! Thanks for the shout out Em…this was great. Now for my empty etsy shop…humm, I should work on that one.

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