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Thanksgiving Eve November 26, 2009

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I have an apple pie in the oven, so I must stay awake until I can take it out. I don’t think I did it correctly, but it sure is pretty. Here’s hoping that I don’t burn it!

I was reading friends’ blogs and came across this one: . She’s giving away a piece of jewelry….go check it out! But hurry, because it’s over on Tuesday.

So back to the apple pie. I love love love apple pie, so I wanted to make one. It’s been years since I have made one, and i can’t find that recipe. I searched online and found a recipe that looked simple enough! You can read the recipe if you like, but…. I was thrown when I read that you put the top crust on and then pour in the filling?!?!?!?!  I did, and some of it ran off, so I’m not sure if the pie has enough filling!

On a side note, Greg (my husband) was volunteered to smoke the turkey this year. NO he has not done this before!!!! He’s been running like crazy getting his bird ready to start smoking at 3 this morning. That’s in 2 1/2 hours. I know it’ll be great. I believe he knows enough to get the job done correctly and deliciously! Meanwhile, Greg volunteered me to make the turkey breasts that we were thawing to cook day after Thanksgiving. No, I have not done this before!!! I also have been running like crazy to get my (1/2) bird ready to roast in the morning. That one will go in the oven at 5 am.

I had already planned to take the broccoli rice casserole (one of my faves) and an onion souffle, and of course, the apple pie. All easy recipes. I guess it’s okay to be experimental with the bird, so I had it so easy with the rest of my contribution.

This thanksgiving is odd for me! I am looking forward to a great day with family, but it’s definitely not panning out to be traditional. We are not having dinner with my family at all 😦 but we will get to see them and visit, just a shorter time than normal.

Oven’s dinging….off to bed i go!!!


One Response to “Thanksgiving Eve”

  1. Gay Vaughan Says:

    Hey Em…thanks for the shout-out! Now to be official you have to enter and mention that you mentioned…haha. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

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