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LIttle Time for Computers January 12, 2010

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I have the prettiest, sweetest reason to give up my time. I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated so I thought I would share some photos with you.

These photos are from October 2009. For Halloween I used one of Laila’s sleepers to make her an octopus costume! It was soooo cute.

The middle picture on the far right is from the first day that she smiled at me (momma). She had been smiling for her daddy for a few days (or so he says!).

The middle picture on the far left is Greg holding his sister’s twins, Natalie and Jillian. These cousins are only 3 months older than Laila.

Okay, this next set of pics is a bit out of order….

The first one is from THanksgiving. Remember I told you about baking an apple pie…well, here it is. Pretty right?

The next one is a not so great photo of our family in front of the Christmas tree.

The 2 larger pics on bottom are from Thanksgiving in Plano with my brother, Eric, and his family. His son, Justin, is only 7 weeks younger than Laila and this was the first time that we were able to visit with Justin.

Second from top on the far right…the turkey is made with Laila’s handprint! It was a difficult task but worth it! The one just above is Laila in the very first outfit that I made for her. Not sure if she liked it or not (she had 2 blow out diapers in the outfit!).

This next set is from Christmas 2009, and mostly self explanatory. I’ll tell you tho that I decided on Dec. 22 that I wanted to start a tradition of making pj’s for our new family every year for christmas eve!!!! I worked allllll day on the 23rd sewing our really cute pj’s. Those pics are from Christmas morning at Greg’s folks (their pic is on bottom left.). My folks are just above them, and my Grandmother (Laila’s great-Grandmother) is next to my parents.


One Response to “LIttle Time for Computers”

  1. Gay Vaughan Says:

    Hey Em,
    I am SO glad you came by with Laila the other day! She is just as precious in person as I knew she would be. Look around my blog, I have been busy! You can see Erin’s recipe and pictures. Whenever you have time to send me something, just let me know. I would like you to even do the write-up…if you can.

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