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a few new pics January 20, 2010

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Just wanted to quickly upload a few pics of Greg and Laila, my favorite people!

I’ll explain the pics first…..Greg and I love tattoos, and he got a tattoo a few months ago with Laila’s name written in arabic. The reason is because Laila is an arabic name (we’ve also heard it’s greek).  Anyway, we did not choose Laila because it is arabic, but solely because we love the name. The tattoo says “Laila Faith”.

I hope you enjoy my beautiful husband and daughter!


2 Responses to “a few new pics”

  1. Gay Vaughan Says:

    What a beautiful family! Thanks for the blog visit and yes, I am having way too much fun with it!! A blanket stitch is an old-fashioned embroidery stitch that I learned when I was a kid. You can do it…google it!

  2. Gay Vaughan Says:

    Oh yeah, I mentioned you again in my last post! 🙂

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