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Laila’s update! January 27, 2010

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We went to the doctor yesterday for 4 month shots. Laila weighs 11 pounds, 1 ounce, and 24 inches long. Yes, she’s tiny! She did not double her birth weight (the books say she should), but she is perfectly healthy, and hungry! I knew she was hungry because she’s been waking up in the night, after sleeping through the night so wonderfully since 6 weeks. We fed Laila her first cereal last night!!!!! It was fun.

She didn’t eat very much, and she didn’t sleep through the night either. I will expect food to do the trick for us in about a week maybe 2.

We are taking our first family vacation this weekend. It’s just a weekend trip but I am so excited about it. We are going to visit friends in Hillsboro. They also have an infant (5 month old, Owen), so it’ll be loads of fun. Owen and his momma have been able to visit us twice before, but this is our first time to visit them. My only concern about this trip: Laila has started really fighting sleep lately, and their son will most likely be sleeping while Laila throws her fit to go to bed! I just hope she doesn’t wake him up.

Til next time…Em


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