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whew! February 6, 2010

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What a busy week we’ve had! It was fun though. Let me start with Friday…..Greg, Laila and I started our trek to Hillsboro in the afternoon. After 4 stops on this 3.5 hour trip, through the snow (it wasn’t much), we finally arrived over 5 hours after our start. Whew!

We had a great time with our friends J, Uncle No and Owen. We did a whole lot of nothing, and it was perfect. We did however shop the outlets about an hour, endure the Wal-Mart, and cook supper together. Other than that, nothing!!!!! I’ll post pics in a gallery at the bottom of this post. Laila and Owen (only one month apart) are so cute together. Although they cannot play together yet, they talk and smile and coo at each other.

Oh yeah, on this trip, we decided to take a summer beach vacation together. Our babies will probably be walking, but at least crawling, by then and it’ll be a blast to watch them on the beach. I can’t wait!!!

On sunday, we traveled back home. It took 5 hours again, but we stopped for lunch this time and that took an hour. So the road home was much easier than the road there.

Monday morning, Greg came home from work to let me know that he was going to Red Oak for the week :(. It’s only 30-40 minutes from Hillsboro, so I was extremely upset that I couldv’e stayed with J, but instead had to come home to be alone all week :(.

We did, however, survive the week alone. My momma was around quite a lot! Whew! They even fed me one night. Greg came home on friday and my heart did a little happy dance.

Friend Penny also came to town Friday, so we’ve had lots of fun with her. Laila is loving Aunt Penny, and I’m loving it too. Laila does not really like anyone right now. She’s very partial to momma these days, so it’s very exciting to see her react to Penny the way she does. Penny will leave in a few hours and we are sad about that.

Tonight we will party with Greg’s sister and family and tomorrow we will Super Bowl party with another sister and the whole family. Whew!

Told ya it was busy…..but I’m loving it!