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Laila Faith – 6 months March 30, 2010

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I started this blog to keep family updated on Laila’s growing, and it’s been everything but that! So here’s a few photos that Greg took of Laila when she turned 6 months old. We go back to the dr for more shots, and I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown. I’ll update with that info too, because I know people like to know those things. I know I do.


5 Responses to “Laila Faith – 6 months”

  1. Eric Says:

    The bottom right looks like you, but the bottom left looks like Greg. She’s a confusing little girl! But cute!

  2. Gram and Granddaddy Says:

    She is a precious little girl. We love to see her pictures and those are so sweet. It is hard to believe that she is that old. She will be walking before long and they are so cute when they are learning to walk.

  3. Aunt Donna Says:

    This is great. Love seeing these pictures. I don’t feel like I miss anything with Laila.

  4. J Says:

    So cute! I miss her so much!

  5. Holly L Says:

    Sweet and adorable. What a gorgeous girl and a great series of photos. Thanks for visiting 504 Main…you have to let me know if you make a chandelier (OK, please let me know).

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