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Thanksgiving Eve November 26, 2009

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I have an apple pie in the oven, so I must stay awake until I can take it out. I don’t think I did it correctly, but it sure is pretty. Here’s hoping that I don’t burn it!

I was reading friends’ blogs and came across this one: . She’s giving away a piece of jewelry….go check it out! But hurry, because it’s over on Tuesday.

So back to the apple pie. I love love love apple pie, so I wanted to make one. It’s been years since I have made one, and i can’t find that recipe. I searched online and found a recipe that looked simple enough! You can read the recipe if you like, but…. I was thrown when I read that you put the top crust on and then pour in the filling?!?!?!?!  I did, and some of it ran off, so I’m not sure if the pie has enough filling!

On a side note, Greg (my husband) was volunteered to smoke the turkey this year. NO he has not done this before!!!! He’s been running like crazy getting his bird ready to start smoking at 3 this morning. That’s in 2 1/2 hours. I know it’ll be great. I believe he knows enough to get the job done correctly and deliciously! Meanwhile, Greg volunteered me to make the turkey breasts that we were thawing to cook day after Thanksgiving. No, I have not done this before!!! I also have been running like crazy to get my (1/2) bird ready to roast in the morning. That one will go in the oven at 5 am.

I had already planned to take the broccoli rice casserole (one of my faves) and an onion souffle, and of course, the apple pie. All easy recipes. I guess it’s okay to be experimental with the bird, so I had it so easy with the rest of my contribution.

This thanksgiving is odd for me! I am looking forward to a great day with family, but it’s definitely not panning out to be traditional. We are not having dinner with my family at all 😦 but we will get to see them and visit, just a shorter time than normal.

Oven’s dinging….off to bed i go!!!


Beef Enchilada Casserole August 25, 2009

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So last night I made a beef enchilada casserole, without a recipe. I began thinking what would taste good together and be different from my regular enchiladas. It was really good; worth writing down to keep….so here’s my attempt at writing it down!

BEEF ENC HILADA CASSEROLE (makes 2 casseroles…one for eating, one for freezing)

1.5 pounds hamburger

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 medium onion, diced

2 cloves garlic

1 packet Taco seasoning, our fave is Old Elpaso

2 Tbsp worchestershire sauce

8 oz. cream cheese

2 cans diced green chiles

1 15 oz. can green chile enchilada sauce

2 cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed

3 cups shredded Mexi cheese blend

30 (about) corn tortillas

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Heat olive in a skillet. Add onions and garlic and allow to sweat. Add hamburger and break up really well. Season hamburger with taco seasoning and worchestershire sauce. Sautee meat until cooked through and drain the excess oil. Return to skillet, but remove from heat, and add cream cheese, chiles, ench. sauce, and kidney beans. Stir. Next, spray pam in bottom of both casserole dishes, and layer as follows. Corn tortillas, meat mixture, cheese, tort, meat, cheese, tort, meat, cheese. Bake in oven for about 30 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Wrap the 2nd casserole for freezing. One thing to note is that I did not make 2 9×13 casseroles, they were both smaller than that.

Hope you make this recipe and enjoy with your family. And…sorry I have no picture for this one, but it was pretty appetizing.


3 cheese lasagna August 18, 2009

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Lasagna around here is one of our staples, because it is quite possibly my specialty. One trick is that I use cilantro in the cheese filling instead of parsley. Other than that, it’s pretty basic….I just put extra love in and it always turns out fantastic (that’s me tooting my own horn).

Enjoy photos from our meal tonight….

IMG_0001not the best presentation, but still yummy!

IMG_0002 see…it’s red food on a red plate…shouldv’e gone with the creamy plates tonight!


a must-share August 17, 2009

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I have been preparing for baby’s arrival by making twice the amount of supper that Greg and I will eat and freezing the twice portion. My freezer is really looking nice and organized and I’ve enjoyed doing this. It almost makes me want to continue this habit, because I can’t tell you how much money we spend eating out when I just don’t feel like cooking. Also, when you plan this far in advance for food prep, you end up saving quite a bit of money. Add that to the fact that I’m trying to clip coupons and such now…..I think God will reward our money saving efforts and allow me to stay home with Laila for a few months.

Back on task…’s the adult a.d.d. kicking in….our supper tonight was so yummy I had to share, and I’m truly sorry that I don’t have pics to show you how pretty it was as well. We devoured it.

I took inspiration from a recipe that I found online called “Chicken with Tomatoes and Thyme”…..ours was not the same as the recipe because I’m not good at following recipes (remember the pound cake?). The name still applies so we’re sticking with that.

Chicken with Tomatoes and Thyme (i don’t use measurements)

4 chicken breasts

1 can diced tomatoes

some fresh sprigs of thyme

2 lemons, sliced into rounds

some capers (I used lots b/c we like capers)

1 medium onion

some garlic (again, we like garlic)

salt and pepper

…simple right?

I started with frozen chicken, so I allowed them the thaw in the bag of this “marinade.” Just put all ingredients in a bag and allow to thaw overnight in fridge. When you are ready to cook, preheat oven to 350 degrees, pour chicken and marinade in a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil, and bake for 45-60 minutes. Check often, cuz I’m not certain on the timing.

I served this with southern style fried potatoes and onions, and steamed corn. It would also be great over pasta. 

Seriously, try this at home….it was yummy to our tummies….and fairly low in fat and calories.


Oh my! August 16, 2009

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Yesterday I took a long nap, so I was up much later than normal. I decided, sometime while I was cooking supper, that I was going to make a pound cake later. I set out my butter and eggs, because it’s better if both are at room temp before baking. After messing around in my art room a little while, I began the cake. I must tell you….my birthday is Friday and my very favorite cake in the world is a good, plain pound cake. My parents and my niece and I all have late august bdays so we celebrate together. I may not get my cake for my bday, so I’m making it myself. I’ve been craving it for at least a week!

Ok…back to the cake.

Everything is going as usual, but this is a new recipe. I didn’t want to go the store for ingredients, and I found a recipe on that allowed me to stay home and bake. Because I’m baking, I followed the recipe to the letter. I poured the batter into my loaf pan, and threw it in the oven. Recipe says to bake 50-60 minutes.

AFter about 20 minutes, my oven is smoking!!!! I pull open the door to find that the cake has risen over top of the pan and dripping onto the coils below. Oh my, what to do? I immediately grab a non stick cookie sheet to put on the bottom rack to catch what else may billow over, but what do i do about the smoking pieces already in the bottom of the oven? I just left it.

Another 20 minutes later….I pull open the door to check on my cake. This is what I found!IMG_0422

notice the sunken center…..

I mean, I love Japanese style sunken gardens, but sunken pound cake? Not so fond of this!

I let it continue to bake, maybe it’ll still taste good? I pulled it out of the oven and drape a cloth over top of it to cool til morning. I wanted it for breakfast!

This morning, I woke up to try my sunken cake. IMG_0424

Not a pretty site, but like I said…I’ve been craving so I tried it….and threw it away!

I have failed miserably! I must mention, I love to cook and I’m very good at it….so this is a punch in the face to my ego!

Maybe I’ll get a pound cake when we celebrate!