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Back in the Game February 18, 2011

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I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in some time now. This is due mostly to the last comment coming from my Grandaddy, who died soon after his last comment. Every time I read it, I cry, and then log off. Often times, he was the reason that I would blog. It was the easiest way to keep him and Gram up to date with our lives. Now that he’s gone and he’s not always asking me to update, it’s just plain hard.

I will keep trying.

I am pregnant again, only 5 weeks, and yesterday started the morning sickness. It’s different from my sickness with Laila, but sick, nonetheless.

I hate being pregnant, so this will, undoubtedly, be a lot of ranting. I apologize now, probably none later. So far, I already hate it, but I feel so blessed that God would give us another child exactly when we asked Him to give us another. He is the almighty, most high, most loving God and I praise him.

I love comments. They keep me going, so please comment away.


Baby Update 9-14-00 September 14, 2009

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So….we got some bad news and some good news.

Bad news = still nothing….hard and closed

Good news = we convinced him to try to induce on Thursday (that’s the 17th). I say try because he says my cervix is still “unfavorable,” meaning that we have a 25% success rate. So what will happen…..We go to the hospital at 10pm on Wednesday (2 days), and he’ll give me an oral pill to (hopefully) help to ripen my cervix. I’ll just go to sleep in the hospital. Then he’ll come in Thursday morning about 730am, and give me a vaginal pill to (hopefully) start labor!

I’m not letting that get me down, though. My mother was induced with all 3 of her children and all inductions were successful, so I’m going with family history will prove him wrong. I have no idea if family history has anything in the world to do with induction success or not.

But what I do know is that God can move mountains, so I also know that God can make this a successful hospital stay!

I’m excited beyond words, but again…I did not sleep last night (well, for about 3.5 hours), so I think i’m going to lie down and see if I can get a few more hours of sleep.

Pray for us through this!


Can’t Sleep September 11, 2009

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I’m filing this under “pregnancy”…. This huge belly of mine is uncomfortable enough to not allow me to go back to sleep (most nights) after the 2nd or 3rd potty run. I”m not what you would call “wide awake”…but I ain’t sleepin neither! (I know that was grammatical error, intentional!)

I lie there in the bed thinking of how wonderful it will be to have my baby girl here with us (out of my belly), and many other things going through my mind at once. i.e.
how to get things to sell on etsy?
where will we eat tomorrow?
what else do I need to do tomorrow?
i’m so glad I have good relationships with ALL my sisters in law (there are 6).
what will Laila look like?
why did my mom pass down this gene of surviving on very little sleep?
You know….things like this. And the end result? Laying awake most nights, too afraid to get up and do something, because what if I can go back to sleep…..


I think we have 1 more week of waiting for our Laila, and I know I’m sure excited. I’ve had more emotions this week than can be healthy, and it scares my precious husband. I have literally been through all the big emotions in just 3 or 4 days. An example?

Last night, Greg and I were lying in bed watching tv. He likes to do impressions of Ernie from George Lopez, and he had me cracking up! It was pure enjoyment of my husband. I was laughing so hard that I got the giggles (that’s what we call it). I could not stop laughing no matter how hard I tried. The giggles quickly turned into uncontrollable tears. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I went from extreme laughter to total disappointment. And I ended up crying myself to sleep. Greg could do nothing to console me, so he just held me and prayed. He’s honestly the best husband in the universe….way more than I deserve! But I am so thankful everyday for what God has given us.


Why was I so disappointed? I had gotten my hopes up that I would be dilated this week, and Dr. Wilson would be willing to induce my labor on Thursday (that was today). And if you read the previous blog, you know how that story ended. So last night, when I felt like we should be getting the last things together to go to the hospital in the morning, we were lying in bed watching george lopez, just like any other night.

So I’ve about gotten over that disappointment and I’m looking forward to the next appointment now. No matter how many times Dr. Wilson tells me he won’t induce (if he says no again), I know that Laila will be here soon. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than holding MY daughter!!!!! I say “my” not to leave out my husband, but to emphasize how exciting it will be to FINALLY be a mom. I have felt for most of my life that my real purpose in life, the reason God made me, was to be a mother….and guess what! it’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the women who have taught me the most about Godly mothers!
These are the women who have taught me the most about Godly mothers!

 From left to right:: Aunt Esther (Grandmother’s sister), Grandmother (mom’s mom), Gram (dad’s mom), Me, Momma

See….tears again!


I’ve added more things to the etsy shop in my non-sleep, and I’m going to add 2 more pieces of art now, and go back to bed. Maybe I can get a few more hours of sleep.

Thanks for reading and commenting….writing out my feelings really helps me (even if takes a day or 2 to let it sink in).

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Baby Update 9-8-09 September 8, 2009

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I’m not dilated at all. His words were “hard and closed.” I knew better than to expect something, but I really had gotten my hopes up that I could have a baby this Thursday. Dr. Wilson just said, “Maybe you are wanting the wrong Thursday.”

I’m planning on next Thursday, but Dr. wilson has no plans yet. He said “we’ll have to see what it looks like next week.”

I think it’s needless to say, but I’m depressed about it. I came home and slept, then went to lunch, and called around about a pediatrician. Now I’m going back to bed, because I don’t feel like being around people today. I haven’t cried today,  so I don’t know what that means…because I have been crying when folks say no to me in this pregnancy.  I got the biggest NO so far today, and I’ve maintained composure.

But I’m still MAD!


Baby Update 8-24-09 August 24, 2009

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Still not dilated any, so we wait. Apparently, I misunderstood a previous convo with the doc. He has not been planning a c-section for me, as I thought. There is still a large possibility that will happen, but it won’t be planned. Therefore, no date set for when my angel girl will arrive. I took this as bad news…..

However, the good news is that he will induce if I don’t start labor on my own. And if family history has anything to do with it, I probably will not labor myself.

More good news, he doesn’t think that my condition is bad enough to worry about a vag. delivery.

Pray for me tho, because this brings anxiety that I have not had to deal with before this visit.


Big Weekend August 20, 2009

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We have a big weekend coming up! Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and (if my husband is feeling up to it) all we are going to do is have a date night. We never get date nights anymore, so I”m very excited. I can’t decide where’d I’d like to go eat….Mexican hurts, Italian hurts, Japanese is the plan for later….I just don’t know. Suggestions would be great!

And then…..Saturday, several of my friends are coming to town and we, plus some friends in town, are going to eat at Fuji for my birthday. Fuji is the BEST Japanese restaurant in the world, at least in Texarkana.

Finally, on Sunday, my friends are giving me a baby shower.

See…I told ya it was a big weekend. Now I must get back to cleaning my house so that my friends don’t see how dirty it can get!


Laila’s Room August 19, 2009

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Here are a few pics to enjoy of what Laila’s room looks like so far….We are not finished totally, but it sure is cute already.







And her cradle, which is in our bedroom. The cradle was built by her grandpa for her daddy…. We love it!